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Make Cities Intelligent - Innovate and Transform

Make Cities Intelligent- Innovate and Transform

The transformation of public sector and the facilitating role of technology in this dynamic is an ongoing conversation across the world. And for the last five years, the Intelligent Cities Summit has acted as a forum where voices from across Canada and beyond congregate to share their experiences of this transformation.  

After having made a mark as a premier public sector event for the Canadian audience, IoT Events is all geared up to present the Intelligent Cities Summit USA for the US audience next summer 2022 at Seattle, and virtually.

Hifazat “Faz” Ahmad, CEO and President, IoT Events shares more details about the event:

The Summit

Ever since its inception, Intelligent Cities summit has been a forum for public sector leaders to have intriguing conversation about the way forward.  Having spent a considerable amount of time being at home during the pandemic brought home the point that technology needs to play a bigger role in how public sector operates, and how cities and towns utilise technology. As a result, we felt that a thought leadership summit like Intelligent Cities Summit could play a role in bringing together municipal professionals and tech companies at one forum. The US is at the forefront of technology and transformation, and it seems like the right place to have this conversation. The focus of the summit is on the role of cities and towns, and one thing that has come out having lived through COVID-19 is that cities need to have better coordination between health, municipal and emergency services units, and we believe that technology is the catalyst to that collaboration, improvement and better outcomes. Hence, we are putting together an agenda which will touch upon multiple city services like emergency services, health, transportation, libraries and waste management, as all of those affect the residents of every city.

Why attend?  

Intelligent Cities is the only event of its kind which brings together public sector thought leaders and technology thought leaders to come together and understand the challenges that are posed to public sector and how can technology help alleviate some of these challenges. The dialogue at the summit will be about how tech can help cities become more efficient and more sustainable. The event will offer high quality learning, networking and relationship building opportunities.  

Why sponsor?

The summit is a platform for tech partners to showcase their solutions and to share their thought leaderships and experiences gathered from other jurisdictions. It is also an opportunity to network with high-quality public-sector audience and build relationships. I am proud to say that well over 70% of tech partners come back to the event which demonstrates the value of the content and the audience that we bring to the event.

What to expect?  

The audience can expect productive sessions and benefit from keynotes, case studies, interactive panels, relevant solution providers, but most importantly they can expect relevant content and conversations.  

We are fully aware of the challenges presented by COVID, and as much as all of us are keen to get back to life as we knew it pre-covid, the reality is that no one knows when we will come out of this. Having said that, there is a significant interest in the community to have one on one personal interactions and as a responsible business we are offering this as a hybrid event, which means that all our content will be available online for people who want to join us virtually. At the same time, the event will be held in-person and we will be following all local health guidelines like socially distant participation, wearing masks, sanitisation, and any other local health guidelines that is required for a gathering of people to make sure in-person attendees are safe.

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