District of West Vancouver

Robert Bartlett is the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the District of West Vancouver. With over 15 years of experience working in local and provincial government, he has been leading teams in a variety of senior level positions in both British Columbia and in the United Kingdom.

Starting as CAO of the District of West Vancouver during a global pandemic, Robert understands the importance of timely, effective communications during unprecedented and challenging times. He values and prioritizes community and employee mental health and works to ensure public and personal safety are at the forefront of daily operations.

Robert believes in leading by example and brings his experience in risk management, agile project management, strategic planning, and stakeholder relations to his role at the District.

He values collaboration and working as a team to deliver exceptional public service to West Vancouverites, with a focus on protecting public health and environment; providing community members with access to information and needed resources; engaging with First Nations and committing to the work of truth and reconciliation; and responsible budgeting that accounts for emerging trends in service delivery and technological advances.

Prior to joining the District of West Vancouver, Robert had an extensive and successful management career supporting two Olympic and Paralympic Games, working at the City of Vancouver as Chief Risk Officer, and ten years serving in the Cabinet Office serving the UK Government and NATO.