Where, When & Why ?

Intelligent CITIES CANADA 2023

Date: October 24 - 25, 2023
Venue: GTA

The Intelligent Cities Summit - In Person

• What makes a city truly Intelligent?
• How has the concept of liveability changed?
• How can cities achieve a balance between citizen services and citizens' data privacy concerns?
• Has work from home redefined the concept of cities?
• What does the future hold for us?

Find answers and perspectives on all these questions, and more at the Intelligent Cities Summits, the only event of its kind which brings together leaders from cities across the globe-both big and small. Through thought-provoking keynote presentations, panel discussions and case studies, the summit is a one-stop destination for finding answers to all the aspects related to building better cities across the world

IoT Code Orange Summit - Virtual Event

Emergency Services are a critical part of the everyday life of any citizen. Key units like Police, Fire Services, EMS, Public Health agencies and other utilities are designed to ensure that cities have a dependable infrastructure to aid their citizens when amid any crisis. However, as the technological landscape changes, it brings numerous opportunities for enhancing the efficiency of these services while they deal with any unforeseen event.  

The IoT Code Orange summit will bring together leaders from across the spectrum to share their experiences as they deliberate on the way ahead for emergency services. Through focused panel discussions and talks, the summit is aimed at sharing advancements, ideas, and case studies on ways to improve the efficiency of emergency services and consider how technology can act as a catalyst in this process.  

IoT People First Summit - Virtual Event 

Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Statistics Canada projects that by 2031 close to 1 in 3 Canadians (31.0%) will be members of a visible minority and almost 1 in 2 (44.2% to 49.7%) will be either an immigrant or a child of an immigrant by 2036. In 2016 the recruitment of people with disabilities to the federal public service decreased from 3.5% to 3.3%. Over the past decade, the overall proportion of women in the public service has increased by 18%, and the overall proportion of visible minority employees increased by 279%.  

While we do see significant progress, much work remains to be done across every aspect of inherent diversity (ethnicity, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, different abilities, etc.), especially as we increasingly step into the digital world and develop the future of work.

The People First Summit will bring together government leaders in talent and human capital, along with technology and solution providers to discuss the way forward for the public sector. Join us to be a part of these crucial conversations on ways to ensure that the public sector organizations truly reflect the public and embrace diversity, equity, culture, and engagement.  Let us build the leadership of tomorrow, today.

IoT Big Data Healthcare Summit - Virtual Event
The last two years have been extremely challenging for healthcare professionals across the globe. The pandemic has focused healthcare leaders to reassess strategies and redefine practices. Learn more about these changes as healthcare professionals and solutions providers from across Canada and beyond congregate at the IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit to share new developments, case studies, and ideas that help the healthcare sector move forward. Through focused presentations and panel discussions, discover what leaps are being made by global leaders to ensure accessibility of healthcare services to citizens in a timely and effective manner and how technology can aid in this process.